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The Underdog's Guide to Scholarships is a step-by-step system for finding and winning need-based scholarships, tailored for high schoolers and college first-years.Buy on Amazon or independent book sellers.Contact me for speaking and workshops for students.

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"Government Immunities vs. Life-Saving Infrastructure" (lead author), Strong Towns, November 2023."The Cyber-Biosecurity Nexus: Key Risks and Recommendations for the United States" (lead author), Council on Strategic Risks, September 2023."Financial First Impact Investing" (co-author) Stanford Social Innovation Review, July 2013.


I am a Senior Fellow at the Council on Strategic Risks, a Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Editorial Fellow on AI, and an Institute for AI Policy and Strategy affiliate. I serve on the nonprofit board of Rethink Priorities and the Machine Learning Alignment & Theory Scholars student research program.A graduate of El Paso Community College, University of Richmond, and Yale University, I have spoken multiple conferences globally on AI governance, careers, and policy issues, including TEDx ABQ. I have also served on the boards of nonprofits working on democracy resilience and urban infrastructure.


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